Agriculture is the backbone of economy of the eastern Uttar Pradesh. Here the traditional method of farming was prevalent till the recent past, but now it is experiencing a change with the adoption of current innovations and modern scientific methods. Agriculture is employing over 75 percent of the total working population in eastern Uttar Pradesh. This area has vital agricultural resources and agricultural inputs that boost the agricultural production and provide food and various industrial raw materials to feed the agro-based industries. In this region, where agriculture dominates over the regional economy, agricultural land use study naturally occupies a place of significance. The main objective of this paper is to present an agricultural land use scenario in eastern Uttar Pradesh and highlight the prospects of agro-based industries.
Key Words : Area under Food Grains, Area under Pulses, Area under Oil Seeds, Area under Commercial Crops, Area under Industrial Crops, Area under Other Crops, Agro-based Industries.