The book entitled “Environment, Agriculture and
Population Growth”,
et al., Prof. P.R. Chauhan, Dr. S.K. Singh, Dr. V.K. Chaudhary and Dr. C.S. Singh is a collection of research papers presented in the National Conference on “Environment, Agriculture and Population Growth” and focuses attention on a new approach in the analysis of the impact of environmental factors on human activities.

Editors :
Prof. P.R. Chauhan, Dr. S.K. Singh,
Dr. V.K. Chaudhary & Dr. C.S. Singh

Publisher : R.K. Books, New Delhi
No. of Pages : 549, Year : 2014

This is the universal reality that the present regional pattern BOOK_REVIEWof economic activities is a result of a long process of conflict between man and nature, 37 papers presented in this volume are related to the different regions of the country in which contributors have analysed the environmental dimensions and development of human activities. Specially the papers written by Prof. P.R Chauhan, Sheo Sagar Ojha, S.L. Mukhopadhyay, Nandeshwar Sharma and S.K. Singh clearly reflects the impact of various environmental components on human economic behaviour. Chauhan’s paper is relevant and presents conceptual analysis of environment and growth and it reviews systematically in historical process of environment and human activities. S.S. Ojha has evaluated the changes in the geographical and fluvio climate environment and its impact on Indian agriculture. The same points have been searched out by S.C. Mukho-padhayay in case of north eastern regions. Another important paper by prof P.R. Chauhan and Dr. Shivakant Singh represents the environmental limits on the plantation crops of Goa. Sunita Singh, Prashant Kumar Arya have used spatial information technology like remote sensing and GIS in the assessment of environ-mental factors affecting economic behaviour. Another important paper by Dinesh Yadav, Shubhra Gupta and Sangeeta Yadav is potential of Biotech crops which presents the environmental compo-nents and its potential use further to make revolutionary changes in the agricultural economy of India. The research papers written by Alaniar Ali, Anil Yadav, B.B.L. Sharma, Nizamuddin Khan, and R.K. Rai are case studies of environmental impact on agriculture and reflect the potentials of the mechanism of environment and human activities. An important paper by Arvind Kumar Pandey is the Japanese Encephalitis in India. An epidemiological overview in which the environment correlates of encephalitis has been searched out.

Lokesh Srivastava and Shalini Dhurve have described the Tribal environment and its impact. The papers by Anurag Dwivedi, Umapati Pandey, Ajai Pratap Nishad, Vineet Narayan Dube, Sanjai Kumar Singh are also examples of the impact of environmental conditions on human activities.

Thus, all the papers collected in the present book, indicate the regional pattern of relationship between natural environment and human economic behaviour. It is very clear that the present book is systematic collection of papers, which are examples of new approach and techniques is the explanation of environment and human economic behaviour.         


Prof. S.K. Dikshit